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This site is the archive of the Socrates (Lingua 1) LRC project which ran from 2001-2003

The Language Resource Centre handbook: Guidelines for setting up, running and expanding Language Resource Centres (LRCs), is the main publication resulting from the LRC project. It is available in all 16 project languages and can be downloaded from this site. It covers practical aspects of setting up, running and expanding LRCs: focusing on Management; Users; Services and Facilities. It draws on the experience of all partners in the LRC project and includes checklists, case studies, tips and references.

Contributions of other relevant references, documents and materials which could not be included in the publication itself have been made available on-line in Supplementary resources.

This section follows the structure of the Language Resource Centre handbook and contains materials in different languages and formats. The navigation language is English - but, if necessary, you can use the appropriate language version of the Language Resource Centre handbook to help you find your way around.

Supplementary resources is a dynamic section. We hope you find it useful and you are welcome to add to it by e-mailing contributions (in any language) to [email protected]

Supplementary Resources

This project is being carried out with the support of the European Community in the framework of the Socrates programme. back to welcome page